Accelerate Your Software Development Career with Expert Coaching

Unlock your full potential and transform your software development career with personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Boost your technical skills, gain confidence, and achieve your goals, whether you're a fresh graduate or an experienced developer. Our tailored programs focus on problem-solving, communication, decision-making, and industry best practices. Don't wait – elevate your career today!


Software Development Stream

As your mentor, I invite you to embark on an enriching journey where you'll adopt the mindset of a programmer and uncover industry best practices. With my guidance, you'll refine your problem-solving skills, elevate your communication and decision-making abilities, and ultimately land your dream job. Together, we'll delve into the techniques and tools that programmers utilize, setting you on the path to your ideal career.

Career Boost Program

$3,997 for 3 months
  • Exploring user interface prototyping
  • Diving into Front-end / Back-end Development
  • Mastering Version Control
  • Learning Programming Fundamentals
  • Create a Real-world Project
  • Engaging in Open-source Contributions
  • Build a Portfolio Website
  • Cloud Computing and Deployment Strategies
  • Gain self-sufficiency and a constant-growth mindset

6 sessions/month (2 hours/session) = 18 sessions

Ideal for fresh graduates and those who have a career gap in their CV to boost their technical skills by creating a career plan that matches their professional goals, supporting overall personal growth.

Job Ready Program

$5,497 for 4 months

  • Everything from the Career Boost Program plus....
  • CV Template
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Optimize LinkedIn
  • Ace Technical Interviews
  • Salary Negotiation Template
  • Networking Strategies

6 sessions/month (2 hours/session) = 24 sessions

This is especially helpful for software developers who want a career plan to identify their ideal job role, define the steps needed to reach that goal, and set realistic timelines for each step.

Full-stack Developer Program

$6,997 for 5 months

  • Everything from the Job Ready Program plus....
  • Diving into Front-end Development
  • Diving into Back-end Development
  • Learning Database Basics
  • Exploring Different Types Of Software Testing

6 sessions/month (2 hours/session) = 30 sessions

For software developers who want to work as professional full-stack developers. This program will help you to build a strong portfolio. You will learn how to build a full-stack web application from scratch.

Career Change Stream

The Career Change Stream is for individuals seeking to pivot their careers. As your dedicated career coach, I'll guide you through self-assessment, skill development, and industry insights so you can seamlessly transition into your desired field. Together, we will identify your strengths, create a plan to bridge skill gaps and develop a step-by-step strategy to launch your new career with confidence. Embrace change and unlock your potential with the Career Change Stream!

Introductory Technology Program

$2,497 for 2 months

  • Introduction to The Software Industry
  • Learning Programming Fundamentals
  • Learning Version Control Fundamentals
  • Exploring user interface prototyping
  • Engaging in Open-source Contributions
  • Build a Portfolio Website
  • Self-Sufficiency & Continuous Learning

6 sessions/month (2 hours/session) = 12 sessions

Designed for those seeking a solid introduction to software development. Ideal for newcomers and enthusiasts, this program lays the groundwork for a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic world of technology.

Mid-level Developer Stream

The Mid-Level Developer Stream is a tailored coaching program designed to propel intermediate software developers to the next stage of their careers. As your dedicated career coach, I'll help you refine your technical expertise, master advanced programming concepts, and develop crucial soft skills to excel as a mid-level developer. We'll work together to identify areas of growth, navigate industry trends, and create a strategic roadmap for your professional advancement. Elevate your career and unlock new opportunities with the Mid-Level Developer Stream!

About the coach

As a computer engineer, I bring more than 5+ years of industry experience to the table. My diverse portfolio includes projects across various platforms and industries, allowing me to sharpen my skills in both mobile and web development. My knowledge and experience span several sectors including banking & finance, entertainment (including video streaming), customer and supplier relationship management systems (CRM/SRM), as well as medical practice management software.

Teaching and mentoring have always been my passions. Over the past years, I have been instructing and guiding students in their learning journey. My teaching experience extends to institutions like East West University and Daffodil International University, where I taught mobile programming and industry best practices. Furthermore, I've led numerous workshops and participated as a speaker at various events, such as Google Developer Group Dhaka (GDG Dhaka) and Ruby Australia.

Frequently asked questions

The goal of the expert coaching sessions is to improve your technical skills, develop proficiency and confidence as a competent software developer, and ultimately help you achieve your career aspirations.

The Career Change Stream is suitable for individuals seeking to pivot their careers and transition into the software development field. This stream helps with self-assessment, skill development, and industry insights to launch your new career with confidence.

To be able to get into this stream, you must have completed a series of self-assessments and technical assessments. You will be eligible for this stream if you pass the assessments.

Yes, I do offer flexible payment options for our career coaching program. You can pay in installments or upfront, depending on what is most convenient for you. For more details about the payment plans, please email me at Contact